Comic Relief 2013
Our very first charity day! We raised over £100 in aid of comic relief on the 15th March. We had only been open 8 days and managed to pull together a successful fundraising day, full-filled with lots of different ways to make money for red nose day! We had all our staff come in, in their pj's and asked all our little purple
monsters to dress up in their pyjama's We ran several competitions such as;
Guess how many sweets are in the jar - 175 Sweets was in the jar with over 30 guesses, the winner guessed just 19 short. - Sue won the jar of sweets
Guess how Jessie J was going to wear her hair - Kerri won winning a princess Easter Egg
Guess what Keith Lemons present was - Harry won, winning a Spider man Easter Egg 
Name the teddy - won by one of our little Monsters
We thoroughly enjoyed our first fundraising event!

Alder Hey Children's Charity 2013
On Tuesday the 13th August we decided to have a day for Alder Hey! We Managed to raise £65.20, by having a talent show for the little ones, where the they was entered at a £1 by there parents and they was allowed to do what ever they liked as there talent, some danced, sang, hula-hooped, cart wheeled, climbed the frame like spider man (he was even dressed as Spider man), one also showed us his karate moves! And our very own Purple Monster came to visit!

MacMillian Coffee Morning
On Friday 27th September, we had a coffee morning to raise money for cancer support, close to a lot of our hearts.  We managed to raise a whopping £177.34! We done this by having a coffee morning where all our admission's from 10-12pm was donated to MacMillian, also selling each slice of cake & cup cakes for a £1.00 all day. Several competitions - Guess how many coffee beans are in the jar - won by Vicky just 6 away from the answer. We also done a raffle where we went round the local businesses to get them to enter at a £1 a trip of 5 we managed to sell 400 tickets the prizes included; one of our famous 2 in 1 Teapots, Candle & Soap from Tilly Mints, Sweet Peas donated a Necklace and a marshmallow gift jar, 2 Free Entries to the Playcentre, any Blow dry from Barbie Doll Blow Bar and an amazing triple chocolate cake which everyone wanted to win! Well done to the 6 people who won in our raffle!

Children in Need 2013
Friday 15th November we had a day of different activities and sponsors on so that we could raise money for Children in Need - We raised an amazing amount of  £204.58 - our biggest amount raised so far!
For Children in need we had a few things going on to we could raise money for the charity! We had one of our Chefs Shave all his hair off and raised over £70! We had a craft on for the children making Pudsey Masks & a 50p donation to have the little ones face painted like Pudsey! We also had 2 competitions on, one was guess the name of our hedgehog Teddy bear - at a £1 a guess - the names was then put in a hat for the winner and his name to be chosen! - The winner was Heloise with the name Oliver, She got to win the Teddy! Our 2nd was pick a number between 1 & 100 to win our Pudsey Cake specially made by our Chefs - The winner was Jools the Owner at the Birkey Pub across the road!



Mission Christmas 2013
We was asking you to buy just one extra present this year – a gift that we gave to a disadvantaged children to make their Christmas morning that little bit brighter. We was looking for new and unwrapped gifts suitable for children and young people aged 0-18 years. People donated presents by bringing them down to the Play Centre as we are a drop off point for Radio City. Thank you to the generosity of our customers and the local residents that donated we managed to make a lot of disadvantaged children happy for Christmas 2013!

Day Out With The Kids