Purple Monster Play Centre
Rules of Play

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, who is responsible for the child at all times

Purple Monster Play Centre does not accept responsibility for the supervision of the child.

Whilst all consideration to safety has been made Purple Monster Play Centre is not responsible for any accidents as a result of playing with the equipment.

Play sessions are restricted to 90 minutes at busy times.

Children should wash their hands and use the toilets prior to using the facilities.

Children must be under 10 years or under 135cm to use the equipments. The toddler area is for age 3 and under.

Shoes must be removed and socks must be worn at all times on the play equipment.

Socks are available to purchase

Children should wear long sleeves and bodies and legs covered.

No badges, jewellery, clothing with ropes or cords to be worn on the play equipment. Glasses should only be worn with retainers. Man-made fibre clothing is not reccomended.

Inappropriate behaviour by children/adults will not be tolerated and management reserve the right to remove any perpetrator.

Please support such behaviour.

Children who are unwell should not use the play equipment.

Purple Monster Play Centre does not accept responsibility for customer belongings.

Please keep slide exits clear.

Please report any accidents to staff to enable assistance.

All accidents will be logged to help improve safety.

For health and safety reasons, please report any spillages.

For health and safety reasons, only food ad drink purchased from Purple Monster Play Centre.

Do not bring food or drink in, as you will be approached.

Adults are not permitted to play on thee structure, although parents of younger children or children with disabilities may supervise children.

No food, drink or sharp objects should be taken into the play area.